Science-Themed Days and Weeks

Days and weeks designated to recognize advances or current issues in science are often accompanied by web sites that can be useful to teachers and students year-round.

Sun-Earth Day – on or near the Spring Equinox
NASA maintains this site with lesson plans, space weather centers, stunning images, an online book about observers of the skies from stargazers to spacecraft, and many other features.

Solar Week – on or near the Spring EquinoxNSDL Annotation
By clicking on a day of the week, teachers will find background information and activities related to a specific sun topic. The Sun-Earth Media Viewer gives real-time images.

Earth Day – April 22NSDL Annotation
The Wilderness Society gives the history of Earth Day and lesson plans for grades 4-6. Other features are fact sheets on migratory birds and a slideshow of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

National Environmental Education Week – April 15-22NSDL Annotation
Environmental educators have developed a full week of K-12 preparation for Earth Day. Reducing energy use is the focus.

Lockheed Martin Space Day – May 6
Space-related activities are designed to interest young people in careers in science, math, engineering, and technology. Five lesson plans are tied to national standards.

World Ocean Day – June 8
Along with materials focused on World Ocean Day observances, the official site lists “cool links” to recordings of whale sounds, ecologically sound seafood choices, and conservation tips.

Earth Science Week – October 14-20NSDL Annotation
With the theme “The Pulse of Earth Science,” the American Geological Institute is taking stock of earth science education nationwide. Teachers will find a number of classroom activities.

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