US DOE Opportunity Creates Teacher Scientists

The DOE ACTS 3 year program includes participating in research project(s) at a national laboratory, implementing technology-supported inquiry with students, educational leadership, using Web 2.0 collaboration tools and online meetings for follow-up support, and financial support for classroom equipment and further professional development.

Fermilab is offering a limited number of positions in its DOE ACTS cohort starting in the summer of 2010. Priority for this cohort will be given to mid-level teachers (grades 5-9).

Participants will meet at Fermilab for four weeks each summer for three years. During the academic year following each summer, as participants implement their summer work in their schools and work on small projects, they will be supported by program staff and by each other, primarily through online meetings, with one or two face-to-face meetings as well.

The program combines three strands of professional development: scientific research, teaching & learning, and educational leadership. Each year teachers will participate in a research project which will be woven together with the other two strands to strengthen and reinforce one another.

Participants will receive an $800/week stipend for their summer work. Non-local participants will also receive housing and travel. All participants will be eligible for grants to support classroom equipment purchases and travel to professional development conferences.

How to apply: Go to and click on DOE ACTS under “Programs for Teachers.” To apply, use the “Apply” link on the floating navigation bar on the left side of your screen.
When filling out your application, please consider the following:
-The application does not need to be completed in one sitting. You may save your work and return later.
-Different national laboratories have different programs. You will be asked for two lab preferences.
-Applicants are required to obtain two recommendations. These must be submitted online.
Your recommenders will use a unique website that is provided as part of your application.
-Early submission of the completed application is strongly encouraged.

-Full-time middle and high school science and mathematics teachers in public or private school.
-Must be at least 21 years old and a United States Citizen at the time of application.
-Must have current health insurance coverage.

Please contact Spencer Pasero (, 630-840-3076) with any questions about the program.

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