Exploring Careers in Engineering

Professional groups representing engineers in many fields have developed web sites to introduce middle school students to career opportunities. All of the sites described here are noteworthy for their appealing graphics, kid-friendly approach, and access to the personal stories of young engineers. The importance of math and science learning is emphasized throughout.

The Engineering AlphabetNSDL Annotation
Links to pages of information about engineering fields, from aerospace to transportation, are featured at this K-12 site, sponsored by the American Society for Engineering Education. Also available from the homepage are personal stories of young engineers and resources for teachers.

Civil Engineering and MathNSDL Annotation
In response to a student question about what concepts of math and physics are used by civil engineers, Dr. Math of Math Forum gives a four-part answer. He also points out that most professionals need solid math skills in areas other than their specialty; for example, making business decisions.

Discover Engineering.org
This site introduces careers in engineering with a choice of features designed to appeal to students in middle school and up: games, links to PBS shows, profiles of young engineers, downloadables from a number of sources, and links to activities and projects. Be patient. The intro takes a few seconds, then the home page becomes visible.

Engineer Girl!
The National Academy of Engineering created this web site to acquaint young women with the opportunities for them in the engineering fields. Students can email questions to practicing engineers. A section of the web site called Celebration of Women in Engineering provides resources for parents, teachers, and other mentors to use in encouraging girls in math and science.

Designed to be a resource for students and their parents, teachers and school counselors, this site is a portal to information about engineering and engineering careers. Teachers will find a section of lesson plans that align with education standards and apply engineering principles in the classroom. Students can ask questions of practicing engineers and undergraduate students.

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