Order of Operations Rules

The order of operations rules are important now in evaluating numerical expressions and later in the study of algebra. The featured resources offer explanations, examples of what goes wrong when the rules are misapplied, and problems to solve.

Amby’s Math Resources: Order of Operations
Check out this online tutorial offering a pre-test, practice exercises, and a post-test. It is especially handy as a quick review for students working independently.

Explaining Order of Operations
This online article explains the how and why for the simplification of numerical expressions.

Expression Evaluation
Here is information about applying the order of operations rules, as well as an online quiz with a practical application.

Matho 2
Try to win a bingo game while practicing simplifying numerical expressions.

Number Card
Students must correctly combine four numbers on a number card to form a target number.

Operation Order
This online game is a good practice tool because the correct solution is given when a wrong answer is entered. The easiest level involves addition and subtraction while the hardest level requires the use of all operations.

Order of Operations
This site features a clear explanation of the rules for the order of operations with examples. It offers several problems for students to solve, including one practical application.

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Here is an explanation of the popular mnemonic with problems and puzzles to solve.

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