Archived Blogs

If you landed on this page, you were trying to access a blog post from either the Connecting News to the National Science Education Standards blog or the Polar blog. The content is no longer available on the web but we still have all the posts so if you are looking for a specific post we can send it to you.

Some of the Connecting News posts are still available through our Best of 2009: Connecting News to the National Science Education Standards magazine which is available through MagCloud and Issuu. The MagCloud version provides a print-on-demand option and free iPad download. Issuu provides a version that is easily readable online.

Our most popular Polar posts are available through the Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears: Integrating Science and Literacy in K-5 Classrooms project:

Penguins Only in Antarctica? It’s Not So Black and White!
Sunrise, Sunset: Learning About Seasons
Mapping the Polar Regions
Polar Bears: Much More than a Polar Pin-Up
Learning About Antarctica’s Past
Where Does the Arctic Begin? End?
The Last Great Race: Teaching the Iditarod
Pierre the Penguin: Teaching About Heat and Insulation Through Adaptations
Meet Juanita Constible: An Antarctic Scientist
Meet Alicia Shelley: An Arctic Ambassador
PCs and Polar Bears
Teaching about Snowflakes: A Flurry of Ideas for Science and Math Integration
Braving the Wilderness: A Polar Digital Story

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