Sun-Earth Day is March 20

Sun-Earth Day, sponsored annually by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), focuses on one celestial event. The theme for this year’s Sun-Earth Day, March 20, is magnetic storms, the most violent explosions in the solar system.

On its web site (, the Sun-Earth Day team offers web casts, multimedia products, and print resources for K-12 school and informal educators. Included are downloadable bookmarks, flyers, a fact sheet on magnetism, audio and video podcasts, and real-time images of the sun. Also on the site are online children’s books about the sun.

Lesson plans for 6-8 classrooms introduce auroras, magnetism, space math, and features of the sun. Web sites of past themes – space weather, solar eclipses, the sun’s atmosphere, and more – can be accessed from the current Sun-Earth Day home page.

On March 20, the NASA team will broadcast a webcast from the exhibit floor of the National Science Teachers Association conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Scientists, teachers and students will demonstrate the power of magnetism.

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