Decimals—Adding and Subtracting

Do you find that your middle school students still become confused with decimals? Not unusual! The resources here offer support in explaining the concepts underpinning addition and subtraction of decimals, in particular, place value. They also include demonstrations of addition and subtraction and opportunities for practice. The goal for students, as stated in NCTM’s Focal Points, is to develop fluency with computing, solving problems, and making reasonable estimates. I hope these resources will visually and interactively engage your students, helping them toward that goal. 

If you have found other digital resources that have helped your own teaching of this topic, please take a moment to share with your colleagues. Just leave a comment below! 

Builder Ted
This interactive game deals with place value in decimals, necessary to understanding addition and subtraction. In the game scenario, students help Builder Ted by placing numbered bricks on a ladder in numerical order. At the first level of difficulty, all numbers are positive, but the two higher levels include negative numbers as well. If a number is placed incorrectly, all the bricks immediately fall and the player begins again.  

Place Value
The user can type in any number, such as 3601.076, or let the computer choose a number. As the student passes the mouse over each digit in the number, its place value is shown. Also, how to say the number is given, plus a short exercise asking the student to identify the digit in, say, the thousandth position.

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
Especially appropriate for tutoring or even review, the site introduces decimals (reading, writing, and comparing) and then offers examples and practice in operating with decimals.

Base Block Decimals
With this virtual manipulative, students can explore the meaning of place value and grouping as they add and subtract decimals. The base blocks can represent negative as well as positive numbers with one to four decimal places. Students exchange and group the blocks as needed to solve the problems created by either the student or the computer. All material is available in Spanish and French as well as English, including instructions for using the manipulative, information about bases and place value, and suggested questions for classroom use.

This site offers bare-bones explanations of decimal topics and interactive practice. In the long list of topics are adding and subtracting decimals as well as adding and subtracting money. The computer sets the problem and gives immediate feedback to the student’s response. The bottom of each lesson page contains timed exercises.

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