Those Dicey Decimals!

Understanding decimals is a “must” and practice with them a basic necessity. The first two resources here feature games that encourage practice at varying levels of mastery. The third site offers a visual, interactive experience in comparing decimal values, while the last site provides short, self-contained lessons and practice on individual topics.

MathFROG stands for Math Fun, Resources, and Online Games. These lessons combine online mathematics games with paper-and-pencil follow-up exercises. Among the lessons listed for grade 6 are Decimal Mania, Decimultiplication, Place Value! and Ordering Decimals.

The Math Files Game Show
Students practice decimal skills as they play these games: Saloon Snap (matching fractions with decimals and percents), Builder Ted (ordering numbers), and Rounding Off (to significant figures or decimal places). Three levels of difficulty allow students to increase the challenge

Comparing and Ordering Decimals
In this interactive investigation, students use grids to model decimal numbers and compare them graphically. They then compare the numbers on a number line. The visual experience aids in making real sense of decimals. This is a subscription site; however, a free month of viewing is available.

This site has basic explanatory lessons and interactive practice dealing with decimals. Topics include naming decimals; adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals; rounding decimals; place value of decimals; comparing decimals; finding percents; equivalent fractions and decimals; and much more!

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