So You’re Teaching Algebra Next Year?

The prospect can sound daunting. You may even feel the need for a refresher in algebra content. If so, you may find these sites helpful.

Patterns, Functions, and Algebra
This college-level math course explores the “big ideas” in algebraic thinking. Created for elementary and middle school teachers, the online workshop consists of 10 two-and-a-half hour sessions. You begin with a session on algebraic thinking and go on to sessions on such topics as proportional reasoning, solving equations, and nonlinear functions. Each workshop meeting includes video of teachers working together on problems, interactive Web activities, homework exercises, and discussion questions. The final session explores ways to apply the algebraic concepts you’ve learned to your own K-8 classrooms. Graduate-level semester credits are available through registration at Colorado State University, or the sessions can be completed for free by any interested group of teachers.

Algebra in Simplest Terms
If you want a basic algebra review, take a look at this video series. Intended for high school classrooms and adult learners, the course offers 26 half-hour video programs and coordinated books—online and free. Offered by Annenberg/CPB: Teacher Professional Development.

Navigating through Algebra for Grades 6-8.
Written for the middle school teacher, this book outlines the main concepts to be covered in these critical years and presents full activities as teaching samples.

Finally, a general resource of ideas for the classroom is Algebraic Thinking: A Basic Skill.Topics range from algebraic expressions to solving equations to understanding graphs. Here you can find online activities at a click.

I hope you will find these sites helpful and enjoy next year’s class!

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